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Tournament Rules of the 6th Open Polish Computer Chess Championship

1. The programs submitted by their authors are participating to the Championship. Each entry is a computing system and one or more humans who programmed it. The program must be operated by one of the inventor or by the person directly appointed by them.

2. Each program must be the original work of the entering developers. Programs which are discovered to be close derivatives of others (e.g., by playing nearly all moves the same), may be declared invalid by the Tournament Director after seeking expert advice. For this purpose a listing of all game-related code running on the system must be available on demand to the Tournament Director.

3. The participants are obliged to attend the organisational meeting which will open the tournament ceremony.

4. The duration of the play is set to one hour.

5. Unless otherwise specified, rules of the play are identical to those of human tournament play (accordingly to the updated Chess Code of the Polish Chess Association). If a point is in question, the Tournament Director has the right to make the final decision.

6. In case of an extraordinary situation the Tournament Director have the right to postpone the play. In such case the play will be resumed from the suspended position.

7. The operator may ask the Tournament Director to stop both chess clocks due to technical problems, after solving the problem the operator must ask the Tournament Director for the permition to resume the Tournament. When the Tournament is resumed due to any reason, the operator is obliged to set all the adjustments of the program accordingly as they set in the very moment of the suspension of the Tournament. The Tournament must be resumed at the latest 15 minutes after the suspension. In the extraordinary situation the Tournament Director may allow for the additional time.

8. All the computers must be located in the places previously agreed by the organizer of the Tournament. If the operator uses the set which consists of more than one device, in such a case all the hardware must be placed previously in agreement with the organizer of the Tournament.

9. An operator error made when starting a game or in the middle of a game can be corrected only with the approval of the Tournament Director. If an operator enters an incorrect move, the Tournament Director must be notified immediately. Both clocks will be stopped. The game must then be backed up to where the error occurred. Clocks will be corrected and the settings at the time when the error occurred will be reinstated using whatever information is available. Both sides may then adjust their program parameters with the approval of the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director may allow certain program parameters to be changed.

10. The terminals in the tournament room must be connected with the computers, i.e. no person can participate in the remote controlled communication. All monitors must be positioned so that the operatorís activities are clearly visible to the opponent. An operator may only: (a) enter moves, and (b) respond to a request from the computer for chess clock information. This latter activity must be observed by the Tournament Director or his designate. If an operator needs to enter other information, it must be approved ahead of time by the Tournament Director. The operator may not query the system to see if it is alive without the permission of the Tournament Director.

11. The operator must receive permission from the Tournament Director to change from one computing system to another.

12. Each game is played on a chessboard with a chess clock provided by the Tournament Committee.

13. The winner of the Tournament (and in the case of the draw, the operator who plays the white) is obliged before the start of the next round to provide on the floppy disk 1.44MB, CD or USB memory stick compatible with the memory of USB 1.1, the record of the play in electronic (PGN) form to the chief of the competition. If the evidence of the result of the play will not be provided, there will be the walkover.

14. In the event of any rule disputes, or changes necessitated by circumstances at the time, the Tournament Directorís decision shall be final.

15. The tournament will be a 9-round Swiss-system event.

16. The position of the operator depends on the:

a. gathered points

b. median Buchholz

c. complete Buchholz

d. the result of the immediate Tournament

e. the quantity of the winning Tournaments

f. progress

17. If the above criteria will not appoint the winner, the play-off game is to be played.

18. The play-off will consists of the match game with two play-off games with the colours on conversion (or in the case of the greater quantity of programs - two circled competition) with the duration of the play 15 min / the operator / the game.

19. In the case of the draw, the match game will be played with two play-off games with the colours on conversion (or in the case of the greater quantity of programs - two circled competition) with the duration of the play 5 min / the operator / the game.


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Please send your attendance form to Justyna Chołys via e-mail or to Computer Engineering Department via fax (48+)426312755

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